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Koala Medical, Est. 1993.

Specialists in

  • Video Laryngoscopes

  • Breathing Systems

  • Airway Management

  • CO2 Sampling

  • Connectors

  • Critical Care

  • Patient Monitoring

  • OpClear

  • Surgical

  • Maternity & Neonatal Care

MS-8 - Video Laryngoscope/Bronchscope

Experience simultaneous Video Laryngoscopy and Bronchoscopy, with microlens clarity. Our Advanced Bronchoscopy Range offers improved clinical applications through reduced outer diameters and larger working channels. This features a specialised Paediatric scope with a 2.2mm OD and a NEW range of light weight Ti Laryngoscope Blades.

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Handheld Video Laryngoscopes

First Intention Video Laryngoscopy is becoming more prevalent in modern Intubation technique. Koala offers a portable and rechargeable solution to Video Laryngoscopy without the expense of image size/quality. Now available in Single-Use and Reusable Blade Options!

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