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Kessell Blade & Stubby Handle

The increased angle of the Kessell laryngoscope blade of about 110 degrees may allow easier insertion of the laryngoscope blade in obstetric patients.

Kessell Blade Size 3 SG-KS7113H
Kessell Blade Size 4 SG-KS7114H
Stubby Handle SG-01-2600-D

McCoy Type

Size 2 Macintosh SG-MC7112
Size 2 Macintosh with Handle SG-MC7112-1
Size 3 Macintosh SG-MC7113
Size 3 Macintosh with Handle SG-MC7113-1
Size 4 Macintosh SG-MC7114
Size 4 Macintosh with Handle SG-MC7114-1