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Novos Bililed Maxi+ is a new advanced phototherapy unit with 50,000 hours of LED performance & extended effective surface area. Novos Bililed Maxi+ high-intensity phototherapy treats infants with hyperbilirubinemia.

  • Optimum wavelength. Blue Super LED’s emit light focused on between 440-460 nm region so bilirubin breakdown is maximized.
  • 16 pcs super LEDs provide uniform light distribution over the infant’s whole body surface area.
  • Provides an extended effective surface area to cover whole body surface of even active term infants.
  • Light intensity is adjustable at 5 different levels according to each patient’s need.
  • Removable and lightweight head unit to use on incubators especially in constricted NICU’s.
  • Head can be angled to use with warmers.
  • Adjustable height to use together with baby cribs, incubators or warmers.
  • Easy maneuverability of castors to slide easily under warmers, incubators and cribs.
  • Technical specifications available.

NOV-037000 Bililed Maxi+ Phototherapy Unit 1
NOV-037013 Bililed Maxi+ Mobile Stand 1
NOV-NOV-152.032.001NS Bililed Mini Phototherapy Unit 1
NOV-152.032.001 Bililed Mini Mobile with Stand 1