Ultrabain – Disposable Coaxial System, with APL Valve

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  • Suitable for spontaneous and controlled breathing
  • Designed to increase flexibility around the patient’s head and neck area
  • Ideal for the induction and maintenance of anaesthesia during ophthalmic, dental and laryngeal surgery
  • Lightweight tubing minimises drag on patient’s airway
  • Scavenging adapter can be removed if necessary

APL VALVE Features

  • Maximum pressure limit – 60cmH2O
  • Low flow resistance at open position – less than 1cmH2O
  • Unique scavenging system
  • Audible cap rotation with intimate movement
  • Scavenged gases prevented from re-entering breathing system
  • Performance not affected by moisture & humidity in respiratory gases

Ultrabain Coaxial Circuit AMCX4606/6/1LF Box of 20